Al Exx


Genre: Techhouse, Minimal Grooves

He`s playing and producing electronic music since 20 years and did not lose the ability to combine pop-lasty synth sounds with suitable Techhouse, Minimal Grooves and punchy clappy Beats as well.


In 1994 he started to play and perform on mostly very and still real Underground related events in Berlin and the closed surrounding circle.


His deep love to the vinyl let him always be able to play deeply and strong mixes, kind of filigran and for sure at every time geared up to the needs of the celebrating crowd.
Within and during the years he did change his pseudonyms and did as well the usual human interruptions but was always in the mood to perform, and kept infected to the electronic music sence.


In 2011 Al Exx has been included and set up in the Artist Rooster of Praxxiz Booking, an Offshot of Dr. Motte`s Record Label Praxxiz, together with his early Idols Mijk van Dijk, Hardy Hard, Yasmin Gate and Dr. Motte himself.


He played with Artists like Tok Tok, Mijk van Dijk, Hardy Hard, Lars Wikinger, Heron, Alex Monster, Pierre Deutschmann, Thomas Schumacher, Dirty Döring, Ryan Dupree, Angy Kore, Superstrobe, Yapacc, Matt Minimal, Hanne&Lore, A Guy called Gerald, Lady Wakz, Dj Kristin,Gunnar Stiller, Marco Remus, Mike Wall, Stefan Barnem, Andreas Henneberg, Seductions, Andy Kohlmann, Emerson, Holgi Star, Yasmin Gate, Daniel Dreier, Audiochrome and Andre Bergmann.
joined locations:
Rheingold / Düsseldorf
Maria / Berlin
Butan / Wuppertal
Edelweiss / Berlin
Mitternacht / Krefeld
Tacheles / Berlin
Arena / Berlin
Inside / Emmendingen-Freiburg
Mädcheninternat / Berlin
Berghain-Kantine / Berlin
Old Tresor / Globus / New Faces
Flash / Halle-Saale
MIKZ / Berlin
Suicide Circus / Berlin
Sputnik / Dresden
Glashaus / Berlin
Kesselhaus / Berlin
2010 / Berlin
Raumklang / Berlin
Flash-City / Halle-Saale
KitKat Club / Berlin
Flash-City / Halle-Saale
D.O.G. / Lahr -Black Forest
several releases and remixes under several pseudonyms
Last release and remix on Port One Records 05.01.2015
Celebrate the people....!!!


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