Andreas Brunner 

Andreas Brunner


Genre:   Minimal/Melodic Techno

Powerful sound that moves the audience.

No matter if you produce music in a studio or in the dj booth: Djs and producers aim at moving the crowd. With this concept in mind, Andreas Brunner constantly strives for pushing his music.

Within the past few years Brunner has already played in many renowned clubs throughout the globe such as the “Spartacus Club” in Marseille, the “R19” in Berlin and all across the Austrian federal states as for example Tyrol, Salzburg, or Vienna.

At the age of fourteen he teamed up with his brother and founded a cultural club with the intention of bringing about change in the Austrian music landscape. There they tried to create a platform for less known artists to present their music. Three years later, after having already played and organised numerous events, Andreas Brunner has gotten himself a perfect sound system and computer on which it was finally possible to create and compose HIS sound.

In 2011, both brothers were nominated for the Austrian Newcomer Award. Since then his productions have made it into the top charts. The duo “Microtrauma” showed their support and so Andreas took the fourth place in the FAZE magazine dj poll.

First official vinyl releases followed on Leutral Records (Leipzig) with international headliners such as Alexander Kowalski, Heiko Laux, Justin Berkovi, Estroe, Matt Star and Patrick Kunkel.

Next step: featured albums on the music platform Beatport.

After focusing merely on playing around with sounds for a longer period of time, more releases followed. His debut album was released on the Berlin-based record label “Maripoza Records”. Andreas Brunner made Techno unique and outstanding by creating a totally new music genre. There was no name which could represent his style and so he coined the genre “Hearttechno”. It was all about creating Techno melodies and beat constructs which were catchy and would not let go off of you. Futuristic sounds which were not only produced for the dance floor but could also easily be used for the purpose of background music in documentaries.

Andreas Brunner used to work with the software sequencer FL Studio. There he was able to edit audio material in real time, and compose tracks with samples, synthesizers and external MIDI devices. Apart from that, he was capable of modifying audio files which he incorporated in his sound collages later on. Today, Brunner expresses his idea of electronic music mostly on Ableton but also Cubase.

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